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Google URL shortener
Google URL shortener is a quick and simple to use tool that lets you shorten, share and track how many times someone clicked on your shortened URLs in real time. It is useful when you are sharing website links with learners or trying to promote a website and the link is simply too long.


Using Evernote in a multi-level adult literacy class

Have you ever wondered how you could use Evernote with your learners? Explore the videos below to learn how literacy learners from Dixon Hall LBS program in Toronto feel about using Evernote and how Maxine, the LBS instructor from Dixon Hall, set up and is using Evernote in her multi-level class.

Maxine also shared her experience in Using Evernote with low-level adult literacy students webinars organized by AlphaPlus in March. The webinar recordings and presentation slides are available on Archived webinars page.

To learn more about Evernote, explore our
Evernote - keep anything you can imagine in one place article.

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